Public Appearances

Forbes Interview, San Francisco

I was interviewed, along with my cofounder and husband, Jackson, for a Forbes video series called "Fail Academy" about, you guessed it, failure! Also the culture of startups and Silicon Valley. 

FailCon Talk, San Francisco

My (at-the-time) fiancé Jackson and I were asked to speak at FailCon in September, 2013 about the end of our startup, Parsecco. It was a perfect opportunity to share what we'd learned and remind fellow entrepreneurs of the importance of going with your gut and being brutally honest (with each other and yourself). 

Parsecco Pitch at Technori, Chicago

This was our first public pitch for Parsecco, at the beautiful Chase theater in downtown Chicago (where they tape Wait, Wait, Don't tell me!). Was I nervous pitching to 500 people, including investors and advisors? Let’s just say that I might have forgotten to say my own name. But for the most part, it went smoothly—and we had nearly 40 signups by the time I sat down :)

Dovetail Sneak Peak at LOOK3: Festival of the Photograph

Before Parsecco, we were called Dovetail, and this was our (very) soft launch to one of our core user groups: independent photographers. LOOK3 is a close-knit community and one I've been part of for years. It was wonderful to give them a sneak peak of what we were working on and to receive truly helpful feedback.

Panel Discussion at Flash Forward Festival in Boston

Following our cross-blog discussion about The Future of Photobooks, FlakPhoto's Andy Adams and I were asked to speak at several events, including this panel that we organized for Magenta's 2011 Flash Forward Festival in Boston. We set up a live video UStream of the panel, which you can see here, and Andy also took questions from a global online audience via Twitter and Facebook, which augmented questions and commentary from the live audience. So far this video has been viewed more than 38,000 times in over 90 countries.

Heather Morton, Art Buyer, Speaking Tour

Although Heather hasn't been blogging as much in the last year, her reputation for insightful, straightforward information from the commercial photography realm lives on, and she brought that content to live audiences across Canada in 2011 as part of a sponsored speaking tour. She recorded several photo thinkers over Skype and included them as part of her presentation. Here's mine, all about the right way for photographers to think about blogging.

Renaissance Center: Social Media for Small Business - Part 1

This July, I taught a two-part class titled "Social Media for Small Business" at the San Francisco incubator, Renaissance Center. If you press “play” on the first one, you’ll be able to listen to an edited version of the class, synched to the slides. If you just want to read either one, you can use the “forward” and “backward” arrows to look at each slide.

Renaissance Center: Social Media for Small Businesses - Part 2

MUSEA Blog Interview: Rethinking Photography

Building a Website with Impact: World Wilderness Conference

Interview for Pictage’s Photo Life Podcast

Radio interview with Young Photopreneur