Hi There

Hi, I'm Miki Johnson, a cofounder of Job Portraits. In my work helping companies communicate and strengthen their work culture, I bring these overarching skills to the table:

Editor: Since my first magazine editing class in college, I have come to see “editing” as a stand-in for the way I relate to the world in general. It is a process of absorbing wide-ranging information, locating it in a larger landscape, then synthesizing and distilling the vital nuggets. Finally we wrap them up in a compelling story, one that helps the information zing straight into the the viewer/reader/listener's heart and mind. 

Anthropologist: I don't have an anthropology degree (considered it, along with sociology, but stuck with journalism). Still, I am an observer at my core. At the zoo, I find myself watching the people more than the animals. Our lives are a fascinating web of relationships built around unspoken rules and unconscious needs. Transformation only happens when we understand ourselves, so I love making those invisibles, visible, the unconscious, conscious. 

Asker of questions: People talk a lot about being "problem solvers." I'll leave them to it. I prefer to ask the right questions, to help people realize they already know how to solve their own problem. Then I'm there as their accountabili-buddy to help them see it through, so we can all enjoy that sweetest feeling: a sense of accomplishment.

Skills: Editing, writing, storytelling, community building, coaching, facilitation, mediation, process.

Methods: Interviews, empathetic communication, peer mentorship, honesty, awesomeness.

Life goal: Enable and encourage everyone to improve their lives by taking healthy risks.